Blended Classroom Models

I have been blessed to be a part of Verizons VILS program for the year 2020-2021. It couldn’t had come at a better time. We were ahead of the game when the pandemic struck. Some advantages to the program is that I witness great new blended models being used in teaching. The one I am thinking of now is where a teacher actually gives very little lecturing and the students move through stations and learn at their own pace. A great advantage to this is the teacher knows immediately who is struggling with content and who is not. This particular … Continue reading Blended Classroom Models

The First Bit Of Advice I Got In Teaching

I will never forget the first piece of critical advice I received from my principal when it came to teaching. It changed my life in the classroom. It changed everything for me. I was so taken aback that I did not even realize I was doing it. It came in my second year of teaching. Don’t get me wrong…I had plenty of critical feedback in my first year. But if you ever been in a classroom, that first year, I was drinking from a fire hydrant and hanging on by my fingernails. I am not sure I remember anything, anyone, … Continue reading The First Bit Of Advice I Got In Teaching

Are Teachers Ready For Tomorrow’s Generation

After several years in education and many more acquiring degrees from colleges I often wonder what are we teaching the next generation. I suppose the better question might be are we preparing students for tomorrow? March 16th 2020 changed the way I viewed education. I wanted to be hip and out front. But at 50 I had a better chance of blowing out a hip. On that date everything changed worldwide. As we know Corona-19 came to town and decided to stay awhile. It uprooted everything. We went from a school trying to cut back on copying paper to working … Continue reading Are Teachers Ready For Tomorrow’s Generation

Change is Hard in Education

When it comes to education it seems we find ourselves in this perpetually cycle of failure. I recently received this from the local newspaper. Two-fifths of HISD students failing one or more classes amid COVID-19 pandemic Houston ISD has disclosed that 42% of its students failed one or more classes during the first few weeks of virtual learning. The failure rate in the first grading period of the fall is typically around 11%. The district returned to in-person learning on October 19th, although only 41% of students have done so, with the remainder learning virtually. A representative with the Houston … Continue reading Change is Hard in Education

Leading Special Education in a Positive Culture

It seems that I learn something new everyday. Today I was able to help and then reflect on what happened. I was able to reassure one of my students that his disability was not going to hinder him from pursuing his dreams in the future. This same student last year told me he would never do well in math. After working with him for two years he now has a 90 in math. What I realized was that we need to lead at times from a positive stance. To be reassuring to the students and praise them when they turn … Continue reading Leading Special Education in a Positive Culture

Special Education Stigma

No doubt there is a stigma that surrounds special education. Even teachers view students receiving services differently at times. I have more than once had students receiving services say they don’t want to be labeled or placed in the “that class.” I ask what class? They respond by saying, “you know the one with the reputation.” Ever hear someone say, “they belong on the short bus?” Yes there is a stigma surrounding special education! It wasn’t until I worked within special education did I realize it operates in a different world. It was like when I was asked to be … Continue reading Special Education Stigma

Another Meeting

As a quasi administrator I find myself at times wondering why in the hell am I sitting in this meeting? Who put this in my outlook and am I getting punked or something? At most meetings I will be the one leading it and wondering the whole time, “why did we call this meeting and isnt this something that could of been handled in an email? Then their are those meetings where someone comes in while you are frantically trying to complete a task and they start rambling on? No really!!! Just had a person walk into my room and … Continue reading Another Meeting